MTBBaas interview met @sara_bassano | Alles voor de echte mountainbike fanaat

1. What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Sara and I am from Tübingen, Germany, but I am living in Munich now.

2. What do you do for a living?

At the moment I am working as aa PR Manager, but I will change my job in July and from then, I will be working at ION as Junior Marketing Manager.

3. How long have you been mountainbiking?

I have been mountain biking for 3,5 years now and I haven’t regretted a second. 😉


4. When did your love for mountainbiking start and why do you love MTB so much?

My love for mountainbiking started when I visited my mum and went riding with her in a bike park. I enjoyed it right away and thought: I have to get my own bike and go riding! What I love about mountainbiking is being outdoors, being active, getting out of my comfort zone and the ambition to always get better and learn new tricks or jumps. I love to overcome my fear whenever I feel ready to. The feeling I get after I hit a huge jump (for me ;)) is kind of indescribable, shaking knees and an adrenaline rush.


5. Approximately how often do you cycle per week or per month?

I try do go cycling 3 times a week at least, doesn’t always work, but mostly.


6. How much time a day / a week do you spend on “MTB”?

In average I spend around 12 hours per week on my mountain bike / dirt jump bike.


7. What was your first mountainbike?

My first MTB was a YT Jeffsy.

8. Which mountainbike do you ride now?

Now I am riding a Status MTB (Specialized), it’s extremly playful and really nice to ride.

9. What is your top 3 of favorite MTB routes/tracks? And which one is really your favorite?

I love to do jumps, so I really like the HotShots line in Leogang as well as the Jumpline in Schladming.
Next to those tracks, I am a big fan of the flowline at Bikepark Bischofsmais / Geisskopf. It’s so well shaped!
So, if I would need to decide for one, I would probably choose the flowline at Geisskopf – never gets boring.

10. What is your favorite mountainbike destination abroad?

Hmm, that’s a tough question. I really like bike park Port du Soleil (FRA), but I also enjoy riding single trails in bike destinations like Valais, Switzerland. But in general, I prefer riding in bikeparks as downhill is the best part.

11. What is your favorite shop / online store for buying your mountainbike, clothing and accessories?

I like maciag offrad and bike components the most.

12. What does your equipment look like? What do you always take with you when you go cycling?

I always take some snacks with me and of course a tool, to be prepared for mechanical issues.


13. What advice would you like to give to new MTB’ers?

Be patient with your riding level. The more time you spend on your MTB the easier it will get and the more progression you’ll make.Don’t let other people pressure you to jump things you don’t feel comfortable with. Time will come and you know what you’re capable of. 😉

14. How do your loved ones feel about your mountainbike lifestyle?

I think my family is really happy that I love mountainbiking and that I have a passion I strive for. I think sometimes they’re a bit scared as the sport is dangerous. And my friends, most of them ride as well, are happy that we can share our passion, other friends who don’t ride might think it’s a bit crazy… But they know, MTB is what makes me happy.

15. On which channels can people find you?

I only use Instagram @sara_bassano