MTBBaas interview met lone_oehlenschlaeger_mtb | Alles voor de echte mountainbike fanaat

We hebben weer een nieuw MTBBaas interview voor jullie. Dit keer niemand minder dan Lone Oehlenschlaeger aka @lone_oehlenschlaeger_mtb op Instagram!

Zij timmert aardig aan de weg en begint langzamerhand ook een aardig following op te bouwen, dus dat is erg leuk om te zien. Zeker ook omdat ze aan veel mountainbike wedstrijden mee doet, waar ze ook zeer goede resultaten boekt. Neem dus even de moeite om haar te checken op Instagram en haar te volgen.

We hebben dezelfde vragen als bij het interview van @andibinbiken voorgeschoteld. Dit zijn haar antwoorden:

1. What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Lone Oehlenschlaeger, I’m 34 years old and I’m from Denmark


Shot by @flyver_mtb

2. How long have you been mountainbiking?

I startede mountainbiking in 2015 and did alot of XC riding. I have raced tons of xc races with good results and with several podiums. It was first in 2019 I startede challenging my self with more technical downhill riding and startede  participating in smaller enduro-ish races in my homecontry. Also with great results.

For one month ago I participated in my first smaller DH race and won. I still do XC as well and still do xc racing. I actually had my first MTB race only my 8th time on a mountainbike… In 2019 I participated in a total of 22 races and in 2018 about 17 races.


Shot by @flyver_mtb


3. Approximately how often do you cycle per week or per month?

On average I think I cycle 4 times a week. Some times alone, sometimes with friends and sometimes with my mountainbike club, Aalborg Mountainbike Club.

I don’t follow a particular trainingprograme. I’m going cycling when I want and what I want. All from hardcore intervals, social rides, techniques practice, long gravel rides, jump sessions and just playing arond and have fun.


Shot by @flyver_mtb

4. What was your first mountainbike?

My first mountainbike was a hardtail, a Sensa Sella 27,5″

(Since then, I have had 3 other bikes, primarily XC bikes. In 2019 I rode a Scott Spark Ultimate with 120/120mm travel)

Sensa Sella 27,5″Vorm Sensa Sella 27,5″

Sensa Sella 27,5″Vorm Sensa Sella 27,5″

5. Which mountainbike do you ride now?

In 2020 I had my first long-travel bike. A Scott Genius 910 with 150/150mm travel (pic 1). And for the XC part I’m riding a 9,7 kg Scott Spark RC SL 100/100mm travel (pic 2).

Scott Genius 910 with 150/150mm travelVorm Scott Genius 910 with 150/150mm travel

Scott Spark RC SL 100/100mm travelVorm Scott Spark RC SL 100/100mm travel

6. What is your top 3 of favorite MTB routes/tracks? And which one is really your favorite?

At this moment my favorite place to ride is in Silkeborg because of the variation of opportunities. I like many tracks in Denmark and it all depends if it’s XC or Trail riding. I really like natural tracks with gnarly and tricky sections. I also really like flowtracks with jumplines.

7. What is your favorite mountainbike destination abroad?

Unfortunately I haven’t been riding much abroad only in Spain, Sweden and Harzen. This year should have been my first great experiences riding in other countries but due to Covid19 it was all canceled. I should have been in Trutnov, Czech Republic, Le Arcs, France (an Enduro race), Harzen and Italy.


Shot by @flyver_mtb

8. What is your favorite shop / online store for buying your mountainbike, clothing and accessories?

Mostly i like shopping in local shops and one of my favorites is Cyclesport Silkeborg. My favorite online shop is Bikester.

9. What does your equipment look like? What do you always take with you when you go cycling?

On most of my rides I have my Evoc Hip Pouch 1L. Just perfect to carry my essentials. It always contain: my mobilephone, 1-2 energy gels, a energy snack, Ryder Snug Plugs, a small pump, a small tube of chainlube, a multitool, a valve cone and a lipbalm. In my car I always have bigger essentials and spare-parts.


Shot by @flyver_mtb

10. On which channels can people find you?

I’m very active on my Instagram (@lone_oehlenschlaeger_mtb) where my profile exclusively contains everything from my world with mountainbiking. My mission is to inspire other people and to show all the benefits about mountainbiking. I’m ambitious but unpretentious and just want to have fun and to show and share what i love.

I have recently started a YouTube channel (Cyclone MTB) where I’m uploading smaller clips from my rides, but thats just for fun and because I think it’s fun to make small movies.

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