MTBBaas interview met @anna_happe_1208 | Alles voor de echte mountainbike fanaat

Jullie zaten er waarschijnlijk al weer op te wachten, een nieuw MTBBaas interview!😉 Deze week hebben wij “Downhill Girl” @anna_happe_1208 weten te strikken voor een interview voor op ons mountainbike platform.

Wij volgen Anna al een tijdje en posten regelmatig een foto van haar op onze socials. Het kan dus zijn dat je haar al kent. Des te leuker dat je haar nu wat beter leert kennen, ipv altijd alleen maar die foto’s zonder “achterliggende” informatie!👌😁

1. What´s your name and where are you from?

My name is Anna Happe and I come from a small town, Castrop-Rauxel, in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany.

2. How long have you been mountainbiking?

I’ve been mountain biking for four years now. Started with a hardtail. But then I quickly realized that this was not enough for me.

3. Approximately how often do you cycle per week or per month?

My weekend is always about biking. You can either find me on my home trails or in other bike parks. To my territories include the dumps in the area, as well as the Winterberg, Willingen, Hahnenklee and Olpe bike parks. I also like to go to other parks outside of Germany over the weekend. For example Spicak. During the week I also have to sit on the bike at least once, otherwise I’m missing something.My vacation planning basically revolves around biking. I always set my annual vacation so that I can go biking in Austria, Italy, etc. Not a day goes by without planning a next bike trip.


4. What was your first mountainbike?

My first mountainbike was a Ghost Slamr X. I was proud like Oskar. Back then it was my absolute dream bike.

5. Which mountainbike do you ride now?

I am currently riding two bikes. My red rocket and my BLack Beauty.
The red rocket is a YT Capra model 2019. My Black Beauty is a YT Tues model 2020. I don’t want to ride any other bike at the moment except these two.
It feels like the bikes fit me like an “ass on the bucket”. From the first trips we were a unit.


6. What is your top 3 of favorite MTB routes/tracks? And which one is really your favorite?

It’s really hard to focus on three tracks. But here is my Top 3:

  • Finale Ligure: Rollercoaster Trail
  • Paganella Bike Park: Blade Runner
  • Country enduro trails: Bunker trail

7. What is your favorite mountainbike destination abroad?

Unfortunately, I can’t commit myself to one here either. Therefore, here are my top 3 bike areas

  1. Finale Ligure
  2. Paganella
  3. Country enduro trails on the Reschenpass

8. What is your favorite shop/online store for buying your mountainbike, clothing and accessories?

I think buying mountain bike things is even better than buying the typical girls’ stuff. Whenever I look for bike clothes online, it’s always at Maciag Offroad ( When it comes to parts, the first thing I do is look at (

9. What does your equipment look like? What do you always take with you when you go cycling?

My little space saver is always there. This is a bright red Evoc Hip Bag. How to always recognize me well on the trail. My first aid kit should never be missing, as I always act hard when I am injured.
Otherwise you can always find some bike shorts from Fox, shoes from Five Ten and YT shirts on me. Mostly always in black because I like to play in the dirt.

10. On which channels can people find you?

Currently you can only find me on Instagram (@anna_happe_1208)