MTBBaas interview met @nicola__giacomelli

1. What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Nicola Giacomelli, I am a italien rider from Livigno.

2. What do you do for a living?

In winter I am a ski instructor while in summer I am a professional MTB guide, I collaborate with several bikebrands and I’m CoFounder of BikeLivigno MTB Tours.
If you want to ride with me, have a look at the website

3. How long have you been mountainbiking?

Wow, I can say now more then 15 years!

4. When did your love for mountainbiking start and why do you love MTB so much?

The love for mtb started immediately, when my parents gave me the legendary Saltafoss. the dream of every Italian kids!I love to ride a mountain bike because it gives you a kind of freedom and above all creates strong friendships.

5. Approximately how often do you cycle per week or per month?

In summer almost every day 6/7 days per week, in low season 4 time per week.

6. How much time a day / a week do you spend on “MTB”?

Honestly I’m lucky I can say whole days whether it’s work or with friends.

7. What was your first Bike?

My first bike was a Saltafoss

8. Which mountainbike do you ride now?

Now I have several bikes, YT jeffsy for allmountain and Enduro trails, YT Capra for BIkepark days and a EBike Specialized turboLevo SL for technical upill or shredding with my little daughter.

9. What is your top 3 of favorite MTB routes/tracks? And which one is really your favorite?

  • BahnenTour in Davos
  • Ca Bianca Trail in Finale Ligure
  • Mottolino Bikepark Livigno

Honestly it is difficult for me to choose which one is my favorite, I love to send technical stuff combined with jumps and drops.

10. What is your favorite mountainbike destination abroad?

Definitely my Hometown Livigno and Finale Ligure.

11. What is your favorite shop / online store for buying your mountainbike, clothing and accessories?

My favorite shop in my Local Bike shop The Bike Store Livigno where you can find all what you need for shredding.

12. What does your equipment look like? What do you always take with you when you go cycling?

I collaborate with Ion bike and I love their philosophy and style, my favorite collection is the seek line, take a look at the collection to believe it. @ion_bike.
I always carry an old multitools with me on my bike, because it really has some emergency essential tools including the beer opener for the end of the ride.

13. What advice would you like to give to new MTB’ers?

Don’t wear underwear under your spandex mountain bike shorts, Seriously, the bike gives you the best feeling ever, the adrenaline, enjoy it have fun with friends.

14. How do your loved ones feel about your mountainbike lifestyle?

They are stoked and happy for me!

15. On which channels can people find you?

FB: Nicola Giacomelli

Instagram: nicola__giacomelli



MTBBaas interview met @nicola__giacomelli

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